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Elaine Dennis, M.A. 

Psychedelic Therapies and Integration  


I'm a Holistic Health practitioner in the SF Bay Area, in Northern California. I hold a Master's degree in Consciousness, Psychology, and Transformation from John F. Kennedy University and completed a 240-hour year-long certification program in Psychedelic Therapies and Integration; a multidisciplinary program covering medical, academic, transpersonal, indigenous, somatic, and trauma-informed models along with experiential training in facilitation and integration. 

My path to consciousness studies, research, and psychedelic facilitation emerged around a health crisis and subsequent spiritual healing journey. I draw inspiration from the groundbreaking work of Psychiatrist Dr. Stanislav Grof (pictured here), a renowned psychedelic researcher, co-founder of transpersonal psychology, and creator of Holotropic Breathwork™. Grof coined the term Holotropic, which translates to becoming whole.  In addition, my beloved Professor of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness, Samuel Malkemus, Ph.D. (Institute of Holistic Transformation) continues to provide much inspiration and guidance. 


My research has focused on the lived experience of healing by examining the transformation of identity on the path of healing treatment-resistant conditions with psychedelic medicines. This research and the findings from my Co-Operative Inquiry group were presented at the Anthropology of Consciousness Conference (2021).   Presented on Headache Disorders and Psychedelic Medicine to the Psychedelic Society of Colorado. More background here


Psychedelic Therapies and Integration: VITAL Program,

CITI Behavioral/Social Researcher, American Red Cross CPR.

Aura-Soma Level 3 Practitioner. 

Additional Training & Affiliations:

Ketamine for Healthcare Professionals, The River Course with Dr. Joe Tafur, M.D. 

Trauma Studies - National University

Emotion Focused Therapy-Dr. Adele LaFrance

Institute of Holistic Transformation

American Headache Disorders Association.


Emerson Grace takes a holistic approach to healing and aims to promote growth, balance, and overall well-being of the individual.  The name blends ancestral connections; to the American essayist, and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, coupled with a Great Grandmother Grace, in the maternal lineage. Emerson's philosophy of self-discovery, interconnectedness, nature, and spiritual teachings have long captivated me. Grace is a guiding force that supports healing, facilitates inner peace, and helps individuals navigate life's challenges with resilience and serenity. Emerson believed in personal introspection, intuition, and the exploration of nature as a means to achieve spiritual connection. Known as the Sage of Concord, he was a central figure in the transcendentalist movement that emerged from New England in the 1820s. According to Emerson, each person should strive to find an original relation to the universe. I believe that nature and her sacred plants are merging with our consciousness. These medicines can help to connect us to a knowing of a participatory universe - where everything is interconnected and alive, and we belong to it all. Scientists, shamans, and psychonauts have called these sacred plant teachers by various names;  including  psychedelics, (meaning making/mind-manifesting),  entheogens (bringing forth the divine), and spirit molecule. While these medicine tools are not for everyone, I truly believe that therapeutic use of psychedelics is a way the heal many of the illnesses of our time, and research is confirming this. I am passionate about helping people on the path to wholeness. My paternal lineage is rich with Meditteranean heritage (Greece) where my YiaYia practiced as a medicine woman and trained in Athens.


With Dr. Stanislav Grof and Brigette Grof (2019)

I believe that when used responsibly and in a mature way, entheogens mediate access to the numinous dimensions of existence, have a great healing and transformative potential, and represent a very important tool for spiritual development- Dr. Stanislav Grof

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